3 January 2015 / A Reluctant Student of Art


(Photo: Comedy and Tragedy at Kimbell Art Museum)

3 January 2015

Tied up, kidnapped, thrown into the trunk of a car, driven away at high speed. It is Museum Day for Anastasia. One might think that her aversion to museums in general, and art museums in particular, would take the shine off of it for those of us who appreciate such things. On the contrary, it is quite entertaining and only adds to our overall experience. Once she’s exhausted all her escape options, it’s a real treat to see how she deals with it and makes the best of it.

We were joined at today’s torture session by Stacie’s twin Beth – my art buddy – and her beau Adrian, who were up from Austin for the weekend. Our destination was the Kimbell Art Museum to see the exhibition Faces of Impressionism: Portraits from the Musee d’Orsay. The collection from Paris was most impressive, with many of the famed pieces I’ve seen in books. Viewing originals in person is always fascinating as I am able to see the master’s sketch lines and brush strokes, the depth or brilliance of color and the true scale of the work. No reproduction ever does justice to an original.

Stacie’s approach reminds me of the Hidden Pictures page in children’s Highlights Magazine, in which you must find the individual pictures hidden in the overall image. It’s a joy to watch her eyes light up when the dots begin to connect and the meaning and magic of a piece or series is revealed, or when she gains insight into the artist’s life, his techniques and influences, and the world (time period) in which he lived. Before you know it she is excitedly educating me, the art student. I appreciate the fact that she accompanies me in experiencing things that are important to me and I’m secretly pleased that, more often than not, she enjoys the experience, too, without even realizing it.

And did I mention the entertainment factor? Yes, I did. We were greatly amused at Stacie’s public SOS, pleading for someone to rescue her from the Kindle Art Museum. Hence the following image . . .


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